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Let's help Ms. Theresa Save Her Home!

Mrs. Theresa’s daughter reached out to us to see if we can help in any kind way to help save her mother’s historic home. She was communicating with Jon owner of DMAC Tech Trade School and sent this news article to him:

Jon decided to visit Ms. Theresa's Home along with instructor Duke and this is what they saw...

After viewing the destroyed home Ms. Theresa, Jon and Duke sat at the table located in front of the home and had a pleasant conversation. “If I had the money your home would be fully restored already!” “Nobody deserves to live in these conditions!” “We promise to bring awareness regarding your home to help as much as we can and donate to your gofundme page which is the least we can do.” said Jon owner of DMAC Tech Trade School. Jon described Ms. Theresa as being courteous, kind and loving to humanity which is the way everyone should be. He described how they have alot in common as far as their beliefs about God, Faith, humanitarian view points and how much they love to help others. “DMAC Tech Trade school may not currently have the full funds to fully restore your home but we believe in community where we can gather as many leaders like you and I to help towards that goal!” said Jon.

Ms. Theresa's Home news update (Effort to save home)

Ms. Theresa's Home news update (Help repair home)

If you or anyone in the community needs help bringing awareness to help solve any humanitarian issue please contact us at 407-285-1288. Let us unite and give a helping hand for those that need it the most. May God bless everyone! “We hope you have a happy day because we ain’t got no choice!”

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