Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions and Answers (DMAC Tech Trade School FAQS)

  • Q: Why should I enroll in DMAC Tech Trade School and how will I benefit from your program ?

A: The benefits of joining DMAC Tech Trade School is that our courses are fast, affordable and flexible. You will learn a basic foundation of the trade and you will get certified so that you can meet all the requirements necessary to get hired at entry level!  

  • Q: When can I begin my course?

A: Courses begin instantly online 24/7 as soon as you enroll.

  • Q: How long is/are the course(s)?

A: To view any course schedule click here:

  • Q: How long can I utilize my national trade certification/certificate after I pass the course?

A: You can begin utilizing it to apply for employment instantly!

Note: We strongly recommend your resume document is fully prepared prior.

  • Q: How does the process work for your HVAC Courses?

A: Here is how the process works in order:

  1. Enroll for any of our online HVAC Courses (Basic, Advanced or Premium).
  2. Complete the online course training.
  3. Complete the online certification exams (EPA Universal, HVAC Excellence and/or NATE).
  4. After passing your exams, receive your certifications in the mail or digital/printable copy by email.
  5. Apply for an entry level position with an HVAC company or Business requiring HVAC employees.

For more information regarding the different types of HVAC Courses click here:

  • Q: How does the process work for your Electrical Apprentice, Plumbing Apprentice and/or Solar Apprentice Course?

A: Here is how the process works in order:

  1. Enroll for our online apprentice course.
  2. Complete the online certification and training course.
  3. After passing your online training course, you will receive your digital/printable trade certificate in your course account.  
  4. Apply for an entry level apprentice position with a company or business requiring employees.
  5. Complete the required hours necessary by your county or state to become a journeyman while employed (This is after you graduated from our apprentice course program). 

Note: Step#5 may not be required depending on your county or state. 

  • Q: How does the process work for your Web-developer, Marketing Agent, Life Coach or Personal Fitness Trainer Course?
  1. Enroll for our online course.
  2. Complete the online certification and training course.
  3. After passing your online training course, you will receive your digital/printable trade certificate in your course account.  
  4. Apply for an entry level position with a company or business requiring employees or you can open up your very own business since their are no limitations currently to open up this type of business.
  • Q: Are you an accredited school?

A: Yes, we accredit ourselves since we are the founders of this unique educational platform. Also, we are affiliated with the top trade industry organizations and we are additionally accredited by the better business bureau holding an A plus rating.

  • Q: Is your school listed under the department of education?

A: Although our High School Diploma Program is listed under the department of education (School Code 4034) our trade school is not listed because we are a private school that provides a non traditional unique platform. By holding this status, we are able to teach our trade programs utilizing our very own customized format that will help you achieve your goals at a faster rate and more effectively such as our 4 week online self paced programs.

  • Q: Does your school offer hands-on training?

A: We understand how important it is to be able to provide hands-on training which is why we added step by step hands-on video tutorials in all of our online skilled trade training course programs along with unlimited 24/7 training access if you seek to be trained for longer than 4 weeks after passing your exams and graduating. Additionally, once you get hired by your new employer at entry level after graduating from our course program you will have more opportunites to gain in the field hands-on experience.

  • Q: Why don’t you offer financial aid?

A: Our school does not offer financial aid because of our low tuition cost. While most schools charge $10,000 or more in tuition cost with financial aid we can still provide you with a tuition cost as low as $1,290 plus provide you with our No Credit Check Student Financing Program which students have found to be substantially better than financial aid as you can see as the population of students continue to grow in our program.

  • Q: Does your school offer scholarship grant programs?

A: Yes, to learn more about our DMAC scholarship program or to apply click here:

  • Q: Are your certifications valid when I apply for a job?

A: Yes, you will meet the requirements necessary to be able to become employed by your chosen field accordingly to the scope of each course.

Example: For the (Basic) HVAC course we provide you with our DMAC Tech certificate of completion and the license required to work under any HVAC company in the United states.

  • Q: Do your certifications/licenses expire?

A: No, they do not expire. 

  • Q: How can I or my employer verify my certificate ID?

A: Simply visit:

  • Q: Are the DMAC courses easy to follow and understand?

A: Yes, although learning a new skilled trade in general is not an easy task our programs are as simple as it gets when it comes to that initial career learning breakthrough. We will provide you with the foundation you need to get into the trade of your choice but all that we require from you is that you put in your best effort to study so that we may be able to help you effectively transition into your new career.

  • Q: Does your school help with job placement?

A: Yes, we love to see our students succeed! Although many of our graduate students may have already had a game plan prior to enrolling in our program or are able to find a job after graduating within 2 weeks average, we can still provide you with the necessary resources and assistance to help you get there.

Additional information

  • Accreditation Meaning:
1. the action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.
2. an acknowledgment of a person’s responsibility for or achievement of something.
  • Private School Meaning:
  1. NORTH AMERICAN a school supported by a private organization or private individuals rather than by the government.
  2. BRITISH a school supported wholly by the payment of fees.
  • What is the difference between a trade school and a college?

While colleges offer general education within a broad degree program, trade schools focus specifically on skill-based training to help you succeed once you are on the job. For example, if you are enrolled in an electrician program at a trade school, you will only be taking classes that pertain to that specific career.

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