Plumber Apprentice Certification & Training

DMAC Tech Trade School · April 16, 2020


  • Full online course training
  • Step by Step Tutorial hands on training Simulations
  • Study Notes
  • Plumbing Apprentice Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Job placement opportunities


If you want to become a plumber this is the fastest, most effective, exciting way to do it and you can take this high demanding skill anywhere you go nationally!


You will learn:

  • Plumbing fundamentals
  • Plumbing fixtures installation
  • Plumbing caulking and sealing
  • Plumbing codes
  • Water Heater installation
  • Water Heater repair
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Toilet installation
  • Toilet repair
  • Kitchen sink repair
  • Plumbing Troubleshooting


Q: How does the process work for your Plumber Apprentice Course?

A: Here is how the process works in order:

  1. Enroll for our online apprentice course. To Enroll for this course click here
  2. Complete the online certification and training course.
  3. After passing your online training course, you will receive your digital/printable trade certificate in your course account.  
  4. Apply for an entry level apprentice position with a company or business requiring employees.
  5. Complete the required hours necessary by your county or state to become a journeyman while employed (This is after you graduated from our apprentice course program). 

Note: Step#5 may not be required depending on your county or state. 




Anyone who has faced a busted pipe or broken toilet will tell you that plumbers are heroes. Plumbers install and repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and related appliances and fixtures to keep homes and businesses flowing smoothly.

Being a plumber is physically demanding. Strength, stamina, and an ability to work in a variety of environments are all assets you’ll need before you decide to pick up a pipe wrench. Repairing a faucet in a plush office restroom while smooth jazz wafts over the intercom may sound like a sweet gig, but you might also spend your morning wedged in a frigid crawl space fixing a broken drainage line. It all needs to get done, and there is some serious compensation available for the people who are willing (and able) to do it.

Unless it’s for scheduled maintenance or installation, people who need plumbers usually need them right away. The good news is that urgency makes for excellent job security; the bad news is you might work more than 40 hours per week and be on call for nights and weekends. If you want a career with less potential for late hours, try pipe-laying, pipe-fitting, sprinkler-fitting and steamfitting, skilled trades often grouped with plumbing. These jobs require similar skills, but frequently offer more regularly scheduled hours.



YEARLY: $47, 980 per year
HOURLY: $24.99 per hour


These are some of the requirements that employers look for below

Plumber Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Diagnose plumbing problems and perform repairs
  • Install, assemble, maintain, and repair pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Locate and repair water line leaks and remove clogs
  • Install and/or repair household appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, toilets, sinks, etc.
  • Test plumbing and other installed fixtures to ensure proper function
  • Follow state laws and regulations and adhere to local building codes

Plumber Apprentice Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or Equivalent.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Plumber apprentice certification & training from a trade school.
  • Available to work on call and respond immediately to plumbing emergencies


Become the best plumbing technician you can be and enroll today!


For Best Learning Experience We Recommend Headphones, Laptop (preferred), Notebook/Pencil and Printer/Scanner. 


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Course Includes

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  • 22 Topics
  • 21 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate
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