DMAC Scholarship Program

Welcome to DMAC Tech Trade School's Scholarship Program!

DMAC Tech Trade School is currently giving away scholarships for the following:

  • Those greatly financially impacted by the COVID-19 Virus
  • Low income families
  • Military personnel
  • Veterans
  • Those with disabilities or mental illness
  • Community advocates such as Church Members, Volunteers, Health Care workers, Law enforcement, Fire Fighters or other related
  • Those who were denied higher education from other schools
  • Those seeking a second chance in higher education due to life challenges

Here at DMAC Tech Trade School we believe that everyone deserves a chance to higher education no matter the circumstances. We know that knowledge is power and with this power we can serve our communities, grow within ourselves and expand our economy together! 

Our DMAC Scholarship Program includes up to 50% off Tuition exclusively for any of our online higher education courses for those who qualify. 

To begin your scholarship application process please fill in the details below:

DMAC Scholarship Application:

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